We are featuring artist Johanan Herson, on consignment from LeSoleil Art Gallery.
We had the pleasure of meeting Johanan at Art! Vancouver in May. LeSoleil Art Gallery booth was a huge attraction. Johanan flew in from Tel Aviv where he is currently living and creating.
The sphere where theatre couples with the plastic arts has always held a special wonder for Johanan Herson and is reflected in his paintings – in their composition, movement, color and spontaneity.  In both, people play an important role – their odds and their looks; their smells; whether they are alone, in couples or in groups.  The pluralistic and humanitarian beliefs Herson lives by are evident in his paintings where endless images of people, states of being and interactions are witness to his optimism and love of mankind.

Born in 1950 in Montreal Canada, Johanan Herson was initiated into art at an early age.  At the age of eight he won a prestigious award for children’s art, and was marked as a promising talent.  Johanna also studied movement and ballet.
He has worked extensively as an actor from the age of 12 appearing on stage and performing a leading role in a television soap opera for five consecutive seasons.  He has also appeared in feature films and documentaries, television dramas and theatre.
In 1967, he came to Israel to study at the Bezal’el Art Academy in Jerusalem and then continued studies in fine arts at the Concordia University, Montreal majoring in drama.  Over the past two decades, Herson has also worked extensively painting in “Soft Art”, a technique he mastered while working with the famous Israeli artist, Calman Shemi, a pioneer in this unusual art media.

Subsequently, Herson began designing tufted wool and mixed media tapestries.  Many of his larger pieces were commissioned by various public and private institutions; the Tel Aviv University and the Jerusalem Journalist Hall, Bank Mizrachi (37 Branches) Savionei Hagan, Tel Aviv, Africa -Israel Corp, Ramat Gan Theatre.  Conservatory Or Yehudi and the Diamond Centre in Tel Aviv.

Johanan is represented in many fine art galleries in Europe and North America and is successfully defining his unique voice internationally as well as in Israel where he lives
close to his children.





JOHANAN HERSON SONG BIRDS 111. Original Acrylic Fiber | Soft Art. 36″ H x 28″ W.




SMALL JERUSALEM Original Acrylic Fiber | Soft Art. 50”H X 33


Soft Paintings, the Soft Art Technique.

The special effects are obtained using multi dimensional harmony.  Soft painting is a relatively new technique, developed in Israel by local artists and it has brought about a breakthrough in the process of creating original art.  Our unique works of art are created exclusively by LeSoleil Fine Art Gallery’s talented artists.

In the soft painting technique the artist uses synthetic acrylic fibres made from recycled plastic bottles in a wide variety of shades (substituting the familiar oil or water based colors which artists use in a standard painting).  For the purpose of rendering the image, the artist makes shapes using these fibres, pieces of synthetic felt or burlap and colourful acrylic strings of different thicknesses, thus effectively waiting with these materials to create their ideas.

Replacing the painter’s brush, the artist uses a needle to fasten the materials to the ‘canvas’, which is either synthetic felt or burlap.  The artist starts with a single needle and paints his work using strings instead of the pencil and fibres instead of colors.
When the painting becomes thick with the layers of fiber, the artist uses a special punch with a hundred needles to work the fiber in and this allows for complex shading of layer upon layer of different coloured fibres.  The beauty of this technique is that at any time prior to finalizing their creation, the artist can easily remove these fibres and continue working without any waste of materials.  After the artist complete their work, the canvas is backed with an industrial felt and placed in a press with 14,000 needles which completely compresses the work and pushes all of the fibres and materials into the fabric, making an endurable and unique piece of art which is one of a kind.

The special effects achieved with this unique technique are based in the creative process and the combination of layers and materials: the creation of new shades, transparencies and forms, which can not be achieved in any traditional method of painting.  Because these works are all done free hand by the artist, each work is an Original.




JOHANAN HERSON THE HERD V Original Acrylic Fiber | Soft Art 24″ H x 45″




JOHANAN HERSON THE FAMILY Original Acrylic Fiber | Soft Art 363″ H x 30″ W


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