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For the most frequently asked questions please read our list below.  If this does not answer your question please feel free to call or email, and our friendly customer service person will be happy to help you.

  • What forms of payment does IPV accept?

    IPV accepts cash, credit cards or cheques for payment of rental fees. Annual rental fees are paid in advance. Customers electing to remain anonymous must pay by cash only.
  • Can more than one person have access to my box?

    Yes. We will add iris images for any persons you choose to access your box. If you wish to remove someone from accessing your box, you can do so by providing us with written authorization.
  • What cannot be stored in my rental box?

    IPV strictly prohibits the storage of illegal drugs, weapons, ammunition, hazardous materials, explosives, child pornography, foodstuffs, illegal contraband and illegally obtained property or products thereof. To ensure compliance with these rules, IPV uses drug and hazardous material detection dogs (sniffer dogs) as well as other detection methods. If IPV discovers a violation of these rules, it has the right to notify the appropriate authorities that may elect to drill out the box.
  • What if lose my key?

    If you lose your key during your rental period, IPV will arrange a locksmith to re-key your box in your presence, for a minimum fee of $150.
  • What is the minimum rental period for a private vault deposit box?

    Leases from 1 -10 years available payable in advance.
  • What if I fail to pay my annual rental fee on time?

    IPV provides its clients a 60 day grace period after which a bonded locksmith will open your box. The contents will be stored in our private safe for three years at which time the contents will be sold and the proceeds donated to charity.
  • Does IPV insure the contents of my box?

    Customers are responsible for insuring the contents of their boxes. Only your insurance company will be aware of the contents of your box, not IPV. IPV’s vault and facilities have significant security and fire prevention processes in place. As IPV’s security system is state of the art, the insurance for box contents will be very reasonably priced.
  • What if there was a court order or subpoena served to IPV demanding access to my private vault deposit box?

    By law, the court order would have to specify the exact name of the renter or the exact private vault deposit box number in order for that box to be forcibly opened. For those customers who elect the option of anonymity, only their iris image will be on file with IPV so we would not be aware of the name of the renter.
  • How does IPV protect its customers from potential employee dishonesty?

    IPV utilizes numerous security measures to protect customer assets from potential employee dishonesty.
  • What are your access hours?

    Clients will be able to access their deposit boxes 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our new opening hours, designed to meet our customers needs, are from 10:30am to 9:30pm Monday to Friday and from 11:00am to 8:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. The latest time for a customer visit is 9:00pm from Monday to Friday and 7:30pm for Saturday and Sunday. Please refer to our website or contact our concierge for any extensions to our opening hours.
  • What happens to the contents if I die or become physically or mentally incapacitated?

    You should provide your legal counsel, beneficiary or custodian with information (see Forms for Exe Letter) about the existence of your box. However, knowledge of the existence of your box does not constitute permission to access it. IPV will require a court order to release the contents of your box to anyone other than the renter or an authorized representative.
    If you choose not to provide this information, especially for those customers who wish to remain anonymous, IPV will open your box when the rental period terminates for non-payment of rental renewal (after a 60 day grace period has elapsed). If you have provided contact information within your box as we strongly suggest, IPV will attempt to contact you. If no contact information is found, we will store the contents of your box in our private safe for 3 years. Thereafter, we will be required to sell the contents and donate the proceeds to charity. The customer can access their box contents at any time during the 3-year holding period upon verification by iris image after payment of any outstanding rental and holding fees.

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