Summer brings thoughts of travel. Vacation time with family and friends. Criminals are aware of this, and will be keeping a look out for vacant premises. Do not advertise your whereabouts to them on social media.

Protect your assets by renting a safety deposit box with IPV. Relax knowing IPV is keeping an eye on things while you enjoy happy times.

Home invasions are increasing, and not always reported. If you purchase a safe, and carry it into your home, the thief can carry it out.

If you are present during a robbery, you WILL give up the safe combination, in order to protect your family. There is also the traumatic aftermath.

IPV is here to help you with a safer life. We are your safe haven. We invite you to come to Park Rd in Richmond to take a look at what we have to offer.

International Private Vaults Richmond Location.

August 21, 2014. – Richmond, BC.

We are excited to announce the opening of International Private Vaults’ inaugural location at 8160 Park Road in the heart of the vibrant city of Richmond, BC.  Our location is conveniently located with easy access and ample parking as well as being in close proximity to local hotels and the Vancouver International Airport. IPV is in the process of assessing other locations so that we can offer our services to a wider range of customers.  Watch our NEWS section for updates on our construction and new developments.

Since our opening in June 2016, our Richmond, BC location has established International Private Vaults as a significant provider of safety deposit boxes in a state of the art facility. We have a capacity of up to 5,000 boxes and can provide custom sized boxes to meet our customers’ needs.